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Call to Action- Schoolboard Meeting Tuesday 1/9

Dear Wonderful Mandarin Immersion Families and supporters,

We just received word late on this Friday afternoon that Research Residency trip leaders will NOT be allowed to present at the upcoming board meeting on 1/9 even though research residencies are on the agenda. Therefore it is paramount that we, the Portland DLI families and students, show up in mass numbers to pack the board meeting and make our presence seen, if not heard. 

We appreciate if you can rearrange your schedule to attend the board meeting on Tuesday, 1/9 at 6:00 PM (we will be there starting at 5:30PM) please show up in solidarity for our program. Please note it has been moved earlier in the agenda, and may happen as early as 6:15 pm.

Signs are welcome, please feel free to make one and bring it. Signs must remain in the foyer or at your feet. All signs must be A4 size at the maximum (8.5"x11"). 


Shu Ren leadership will be there, together with leadership from our partner Asian Lanugage DLI programs across PPS- North Portland Mandarin Immersion, Japanese Immersion, and Vietnamese Immersion- alongside the lead teachers from each of these 4 programs as well.

While our voices are being silenced, we can show the strength of our numbers with our presence.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and showing up for our wonderful DLI programs to continue to thrive. 

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