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Employer Matching Programs

Shu Ren is an IRS approved 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Many employers will match their employee’s donations to qualifying non-profit organizations including Shu Ren.  Our Federal Tax ID is 93-1309528.

Here are some Matching Programs that have been identified:

Intel - Intel requires a minimum donation of $25. Intel uses an online process. Please complete the request online at and enter in "Shu Ren of Portland"

Nike– Please ensure that all of the donations you make for a match are done through WE Giving (

Kaiser Permanente – A minimum donation of $25 is required. Please complete and sign the attached formKaiser Permanente Matching Program

Tektronix – At this time, Tektronix does not match donations to Parent Teacher Organizations.
Other Matching Programs......

Please let Shu Ren know of other Matching Programs and we will be sure to include this information on our website.
Where to Mail Your Form
Please forward your Matching Forms and donations to Shu Ren and we will take care of the rest. All Matching funds are allotted to the General Fund for Shu Ren program and services. Thank you in advance for your support:

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