Homework help is one of the most popular programs supported by Shu Ren. Students stay after school and are assisted with their Mandarin homework by native and non-native parents or guardians and older students.

In 2010-11, the Teacher’s union prohibited teachers from providing after school homework help. Several native speaking/fluent parents stepped forward to provide this service 2-3 days per week for 45 minutes each. Continuance of this program is reliant on parent and volunteer support.



Homework Help can not happen without the support of our volunteers! Each session offered must have a room monitor to take attendance, a native or fluent speaker of Mandarin, and two additional volunteer supporters (parents or 5th grade students).
To sign up as a volunteer: http://bit.ly/HHVolunteer 


Volunteer Background Checks 志愿者背景调查:
Portland Public Schools take every precaution to ensure the safety of children. All school volunteers must complete a background check and have it renewed every three years. The school office maintains a list of approved volunteers and will gladly check to see if your application is current.

Click this link to complete your background check online. 



Eat a snack and use the restroom prior to entering the classroom.
You cannot leave and re-enter the room – so please make sure you get a snack and go to the restroom before you come in the room.
Sit at your grade level table. That way, we can help you more easily.
Make sure you tell your grown-up to arrive by 3pm and wait outside for you. You can leave once you are finished—that way we keep it quiet for everyone.
If you go to Champions, and you are in 2nd grade or higher: you can leave when you are finished.
If you go to Champions and you are in Kindergarten or 1st grade, we will walk you there. Please bring a book or work on English homework if finished with Chinese.
你不能离开又重新进入教室 – 所以请确保你在进教室之前吃点心,上厕所。
To sign up for Homework Help:
Go To http://bit.ly/HHStudent

Please keep in mind that this program is provided by volunteers offering their own time who are not responsible for discipline.
Unruly and unsupervised students who are not picked up on time will be excluded from Homework Help for the quarter.
We ask you sign up no more than two days per week to allow all interested students a chance to attend.

请记住,这个程序是由志愿者提供他们自己的时间谁是不负责的纪律规定。不羁和无监督的学生(不提时间)将被排除在作业帮助 季度。

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