We are a nonprofit organization that supports the Mandarin Immersion Program at the Portland Public Schools of Woodstock Elementary School, Hosford Middle School and Cleveland High School.


我们支持普通话沉浸课程在波特兰公立学校 Woodstock 小学, Hosford 中学和, Cleveland 高中一个非盈利性组织.

  • Mandarin Chinese Learning

    Begins with much practice writing Chinese characters!

  • Shu Ren Supports...

    cross-cultural awareness.

  • Shu Ren Works

    with Portland Public Schools to support Mandarin Language Learning.

  • Our Mission includes

    supporting Chinese cultural knowledge for all students in our 3 schools.

  • Hosford Middle School

    is the Mandarin Immersion Program Middle School.

  • Woodstock Elementary

    is the Mandarin Immersion Program Elementary School.

  • We Support

    a multifaceted approach to learning.

  • Woodstock Mural

    shows a garden of Chinese and American children playing together.

  • Our Community

    as a child's drawing highlights our focus on multi-cultural learning.

  • Homework Help

    is one of the support functions of Shu Ren.

  • Cleveland High School

    is the Mandarin Immersion High School supported by Shu Ren.

What's Happening:

2016 Fall Workshops Starting September 6th!

Supporting the Mandarin Language Learner Parts I & II - Part 1 provides an introduction to Mandarin as a language and begins to explore ways in which parents can support their children in learning Mandarin. Part 2 places the parent in the role of the student and continues the process of identifying avenues of support for the immersion learner.

Funding the China Research Residency (CRR) - The time is NOW to start thinking about and planning financially for their 8th grade trip to China. This workshop explains how Shu Ren fundraising and scholarships support the CRR and provides information about the cost of the trip and how you can prepare financially. Don’t let this information come as a surprise to you in 8th grade!

Chinook Book Now On Sale!

Shu Ren gets 50% of the total sales for the Chinook Book and smart phone app! Get the paper book, the app or both... We will deliver it to your classroom and it will come home in your child's backpack.

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Now Available: A Parent's Guide to Mandarin Immersion

Shu Ren parents and caregivers have found this book so helpful in the challenging early years of helping their students with the challenging task of learning Mandarin Chinese, that we are now offering it to you! $6 of the price goes to Shu Ren of Portland. Click here to order!

A Parent’s Guide covers:


"Year of the ___" T-Shirt Clearance! T恤销售!

The Shu Ren T-shirt team has worked hard on creating wonderful designs over the years, and many are still available in limited quantities at discount prices!

Shirts: $8 each, $15 for two, $20 for three!

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