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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

🍎 🍐 🍎 🍐 Shu Ren’s Annual Apple Fundraiser is HERE!!!🍐 🍎 🍐 🍎 🍐

Order by Oct 10, 2019

Pick up Oct 25, 2019 (Harvest Carnival) 2:30-8:00pm at Woodstock School

This year we will be offering 100% organic Apples, Pears & Asian Pears that are grown at Tamiyasu Orchards in Hood River. We have many varieties to choose from.

We are also offering fresh cider as by the 1/2 and full gallon by Ryan’s Juice Company in Hood River.

Look for the flyers in your Backpack or please feel free to place the order online at *************Sorry Online Apple Orders has Ended for This Year***********


请于10⽉月10⽇日之前订购,10⽉月25⽇日(下午2:30 - 7:30)在Woodstock学校提取

今年我们将提供产于Hood River Tamiyasu 田野的百分之百的原生态苹果,梨和亚洲梨。我们有许多的品种可以选择。

我们也将出售由Hood River Ryan’s Juice Company提供的半加仑和一加仑的新鲜苹果汁。

如需订购请看你书包里面的传单或者在网站 ****对不起, 网站订购今年已经结束了!*****订购。

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