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Shu Ren 10/13/20 Meeting Regarding SE Guiding Coalition Summary

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

October 15, 2020

Dear MIP families,


Thank you so much to those who attended last night’s general meeting to discuss the potential changes to the MIP. We want to thank Southeast Guiding Coalition members Min Cai (MIP parent) and Jackson Weinberg (CHS junior in the MIP) for sharing what they have learned so far in this process.

非常感谢各位昨晚参加讨论中文沉浸项目潜在变化的会议。我们要感谢东南指导联盟成员蔡敏(家长)和Jackson Weinberg(CHS高三年级学生)分享了他们在这个过程中目前所了解到的情况。

We apologize to those who were unable to join due to Google Meet capacity. (We’re looking into this to avoid this problem in future meetings; we had thought that Shu Ren’s G Suite for Nonprofits could accommodate up to 250 attendees on Google Meet.)

由于Google Meet的容量,我们向那些无法参加的人表示歉意。我们正在研究这个问题,以避免在未来的会议中出现这个问题;我们认为目前树人的谷歌账户可以在Google Meet上容纳最多250名与会者。

Here is a link to the recorded meeting:


and the Google Meet Chat transcript: 


Next steps下一步的计划:

Your Shu Ren Board of Directors is working on a letter to send to Enrollment and Program Balancing contacts, the Southeast Guiding Coalition, PPS Board of Education, and others involved in decisions regarding the proposed changes to the MIP. We will share it with MIP families after it has been sent.


What can you do? 大家能做什么?

As we saw last night, MIP parents stand together in opposing these changes to the program. Here is what you can do to stay informed and make your voice heard:


  • Watch the Southeast Guiding Coalition’s workshop meetings (currently scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15, 22, 29*; Nov. 5, 12, 19; Dec 3*, 10, 17.关注东南指导联盟研讨会会议(目前定于10月15日、22日、29日*周四;11月5日、12日、19日;12月3日*、10日、17日。

                 *virtual open house for latest proposal (public commenting available at this session) 


  • Read the information posted on PPS’s Enrollment and Program Balancing page:阅读PPS的招生和计划平衡页面上公布的信息。

  • Take PPS’s Enrollment and Program Balancing survey.

English: 英文:

  • Take Shu Ren’s MIP parent survey. (Your responses will help Shu Ren form its letter and communications with the Southeast Guiding Coalition.)完成树人的中文沉浸项目家长调查。(您的回答将有助于树人与PPS 学区东南指导联盟的信件和沟通)

English and Chinese中英文:

  • Write letters to the Enrollment and Program Balancing project’s contacts 给招生和计划平衡项目的联系人写信.:

Claire Hertz, Deputy Superintendent, Business & Operations 业务与运营部副总监,

Esther Omogbehin, Regional Superintendent 区域总监,

Megan Salvador, Project Manager项目经理,

  • cc PPS Board of Education抄送PPS教育委员会,

  • Optional: cc Woodstock, Hosford, and Cleveland principals, PPS’s Department of Dual Language, PPS’s Enrollment and Transfer Center, Superintendent Guadalupe Guererro, and/or FLO Analytics.或者: 抄送伍德斯托克、霍斯福德和克利夫兰校长,PPS的双语言部,PPS的入学和转学中心,学区总监Guadalupe Guerro,或FLO公司分析部门

Seth Johnson, Woodstock principal校长,

Caitlin Klenz, Hosford principal校长,

Jo Ann Wadkins, CHS principal校长,

Department of Dual Language 双语系

主任Michael Bacon, Director,

Enrollment and Transfer Center 招生与转学中心

主任Judy Brennan, Director,

Superintendent 总监

Guadalupe Guererro,

FLO Analytics FLO公司分析

Tyler Vick, Managing Director总经理, Jed Roberts, Senior Analyst 高级分析师,

  • Submit questions to Southeast Guiding Coalition members and MIP community members Min Cai and Jackson Weinberg. 向东南指导联盟成员和MIP社区成员蔡敏和Jackson Weinberg提交问题. :

Thank you all for your passionate involvement in the MIP. We will be back in touch soon with our letter and updates.


As always, please reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to help the Shu Ren Board in any way.


In solidarity and with gratitude,


Shu Ren of Portland Board of Directors


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