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Calling all Volunteers!

Shu Ren has multiple open positions for volunteers to help shape the future of the organization. We are seeking new board members with younger children who have benefitted from the many ways we support families and students at Woodstock, Hosford(Harrison Park), and Cleveland.

Over the past year, we have provided extensive support to Woodstock families and MIP students across all three schools in numerous ways that you may not be aware of. We introduced two popular after-school Chinese enrichment activities - Wushu and Chinese Choir - as well as free after-school Chinese homework help. We organized a Lion dance at Friday morning meeting, organized a Lunar New Year celebration at Woodstock filled with activities, performances, and spectacular food, all completely free. Additionally, we supported the first Research Residency program since the pre-COVID period for the 8th graders currently at Hosford. We created programming and support for students at Woodstock for AAPI month. Currently, we are evaluating scholarships for Cleveland High School seniors in the Immersion Program. We have also dedicated significant effort to advocate for dual language immersion with PPS and work closely with other DLI programs throughout the city.

If you see value in these programs, we urge you to come participate! If we do not have enough board members, we will not be able to continue to operate, and we will not be able to offer this great programming. Board elections will take place on Thursday, June 8th, and anyone interested can reach out to the board via email for more information:

Co-Chair, list below shows the current responsibilities of the CHAIR position. We do not currently have a co-chair. Adding a co-chair means responsibilities could be 1/3-1/2 of what is listed here. Meet regularly with the Woodstock Principal, coordinate the calendar of events for the year. Create or contribute to monthly board meeting agendas, help run board meetings. Work with Homework Help volunteer organizer to ensure HH has volunteers and tutors. Submit CUB forms to the district for use of building space as needed. Respond to website and email inquiries and maintain a membership list of all paid members with the help of the secretary. Communicate to Middle and High School Chinese Teachers (or Harrison Park and Cleveland Rep) to ensure they have what they need, approve scholarships for after-school activities and TRR, and evaluate applicants for the Frances Wong Scholarship. Help organize and run annual Membership meeting in May, prepare and present certificates for scholarship winners, participate in Kindergarten Interest meetings, prepare annual membership materials, and maintain a list of volunteers throughout the year for end-of-year recognition.

Treasurer: attend monthly board meetings and manage financial transactions. You will receive incoming checks and make deposits, as well as write checks when necessary. It is your responsibility to maintain the organization's bank account and communicate all financial credits and debits to the bookkeeper. Obtain monthly financial statements from contracted bookkeeper, review and analyze the year-end financial reports, and work to close out the fiscal year. Maintain accurate financial records and ensure that the organization operates within its budget.

Assistant Treasurer: participate in board meetings and review all credits and debits coming through the treasurer to ensure accurate recording. They will also check mail at the Creston PO box monthly and work with the treasurer to prepare documents for tax preparation annually. Support treasurer in additional tasks as needed.

Secretary: attend the monthly board meetings, taking notes, and sharing them with the board before the next meeting. You are also required to keep track of all the board votes and prepare the ballots for the annual board elections.

Assistant Secretary: attend the monthly board meetings and maintain a list of volunteers and members from membership applications. Additionally, you will be responsible for supporting communications manager by sharing the contact list.

Communications Manager: maintain and update the organization's website. Distribute information through Facebook and Konstella communications as needed. Responsible for creating a contact email list from memberships and using class contact lists, communicating news through classroom representatives as needed. Attend monthly board meetings.

Woodstock Representatives (2 positions will share these responsibilities, 1 position is open) will participate in monthly board meetings and plan the “welcome to MIP” Workshops for new families in the fall. They will work closely with the PTA to coordinate the Ice Cream Social in August each year and represent Shu Ren at the event or find volunteers to do so. Additionally, they will connect to each MIP grade to collect the class Parent volunteer’s contact information for each class. Finally, they will support the Lunar New Year Committee in organizing the Lunar New Year Celebration if needed or help to pull together a committee and communicate to the board any needs the committee has.

Harrison Park representative: will assist class organizers with fundraisers, spring gala, and Research Residency. They will meet with Kojo once a month to discuss needs and stay up-to-date with Hosford/Harrison Park news and milestones that may relate to MIP. They will communicate with the board and attend monthly board meetings.

Cleveland Student Rep: responsible for meeting with the high school Chinese teacher once a month to discuss her needs and staying up-to-date with Cleveland news and milestones that may relate to MIP. They will communicate with the board and attend monthly board meetings.

Director at Large- Special Projects: involves organizing and leading a team to plan and execute the Lunar New Year event. The volunteer will also support activities related to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month. Additionally, the volunteer will organize 1-2 dine-out events annually and run the Annual Mooncake Sale.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to us by email:

Come plan the future with us!

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