Class Fundraisers

Shu Ren receives offers and ideas for fundraisers regularly. Check back often and find your inspiration!

Class groups can organize their own fundraising events with 90% of proceeds going to the class CRR savings account and 10% supporting the Shu Ren General Fund for programs and services.

Clothes for the Cause Fundraising:

The fundraiser is simply collecting clothing and textiles: shirts, towels, pillows, drapes, shoes, purses, belts… you name it, we probably take it and we pay you! It's a win-win. You get to recycle/reuse clothes, involve the Shu Ren community, and make money at the same time. This is an easy and stress-free event in which to engage parents, students, families and volunteers.

Here is a quick run down of how this would work:

  • Your group would collect bags of clothing/textiles for a designated period of time, decided by you.
  • On your selected date we would come pick up the load, weigh it and take it to our sorting site.
  • We then pay you anywhere …

You can learn more about CFTC by visiting their website

We will post other ideas for class fundraisers here as we get them! Contact us if you want to fill us in on a class fundraiser you want to do with your class.

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